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Looking to catch samples of the newest Metal and Hard Rock releases about to hit the streets? Then this is the place to be! This is what you’ll hear when you tune into The 12th Hour Show this week!

Monday through Friday on Metal Express Radio.

Stay on the cutting edge of fresh Metal and Hard Rock about to hit the music scene with the 12th Hour Show and Hourly Rotation. Each hour one track from any of the following albums is guaranteed to be played! The 12th Hour Show also includes a wealth of “singles” for advance releases that aren’t included on this page!

If you hear something that completely surprised you or that you enjoyed then click on the album covers and buy the track or album from Apple Music and help support the artists and Metal Express Radio!

Tune in Monday through Thursday at 24:00 and 12:00 Central European Time (6 p.m. and 6 a.m  Eastern USA Time).

This week’s featured albums on The 12th Hour Show:

Anette Olzon – Rapture
Babylon A.D. – Rome Wasnt’ Built In A Day
Billy Morrison – The Morrison Project
Conquest – Paradox
Demon – Invincible
Eregion – Non Omnis Moriar
EvilDead – Toxic Grace
Ghost On Mars – Out Of Time and Space
Grand Massive – Houses Of The Unholy
Hextar – Doomsayer
Jeff Kollman – 2023 A.D.
Junkyard Drive – Look At Me Now
Kerry King – From Hell I Rise
Lÿnx – Claws Out
Marty Friedman – Drama
Riot V – Mean Streets
Sebastian Bach – Child Within The Man
The Hazytones – Wild Fever
The Treatment – Wake Up The Neighbourhood
Velveteen Queen – Consequence Of The City
Vhäldemar – Sanctuary of Death